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Your Guide to the Week of February 28thlibra and a capricorn

Your Guide to the Week of February 28thlibra and a capricorn

Your Guide to the Week of February 28thlibra and a capricorn

Read your Astrology Guide to the Week of February 28th: a usable and concise toolkit for the week’s upcoming astrology.

Themes 🌈 … The future perfect, experimentation, reality bites, deep sea diving, lush starts, shadow puppets, magic seeds, growth hormone, be still my heart

What’s happening 🔮 … 

March 1st: Sun sextiles Uranus at 9:05 pm PTMarch 2nd: Mercury conjoins Saturn at 8:33 am PT New Moon in Pisces at 9:35 am PTMarch 3rd: Mars conjoins Pluto at 12:43 am PT Venus conjoins Pluto at 9:56 am PTMarch 5th: Jupiter is cazimi at 6:06 am PTMars enters Aquarius at 10:23 pm PT Venus enters Aquarius at 10:30 pm PTVenus conjoins Mars at 11:12 pm PT

What you’ll need 🎒 … Mind-mapping sesh, footnotes, sound-proof headphones, pipedreams, fuzzy handcuffs, yellow brick road, hot date with beloved or bestie

How to make the most of this week 🎯 … This week presents a cornucopia of dreams, schemes, and the erotic tension between you and your best life. The New Moon on March 2nd is a bejeweled opportunity to proclaim your wishes to the world and plant any seeds you want blessed by Jupiter. On the same day, Mercury and Saturn join together, offering a fleeting wake up call between dream sequences. Mercury / Saturn also screams “boundaries,” and your ability to assert them will come in handy as Venus, Mars, and Pluto have a shadow-box session in Capricorn. It’s definitely getting hot in here. All this culminates in a Jupiter cazimi on March 5th, which hatches epiphanies around your soul’s wildest flourishing. Make sure to have a notebook ready for this cosmic intel.

Tarot card of the week 🃏 … The Moon asks us to walk the wyrd path as the veil thins, and the long shadows of the unconscious pool. Now we are In It — Oz, dreamland, our deepest fears and desires come into view. In this Twilight Zone, we forego Google maps for the more subtle guidance of our intuition. Lost in the Moon’s symbolic birth canal, the only way out of this surreal landscape is through. Soon enough, something crucial will be rebirthed into conscious awareness. For now, we must surrender to the mysteries of the lunar threshold and befriend the illusions and fantasies that dwell here. The Moon also corresponds to the sign Pisces, where this week’s New Moon dawns. 

Affirmation of the week 😌 … Who am I worried I’ll offend if I let my talent take up space? Who do I fear will try to bring me down if I let myself soar? What family tradition will I smash to smithereens if I dare be happy, hopeful, and abundant? 

What to read and listen to 📚 … Your horoscopes for the Sun in Pisces, Mercury in Aquarius, Venus and Mars in Capricorn, and (from Saturday) Venus and Mars in Aquarius; your reading and guided meditation for the week in the CHANI app. 

How this New Moon in Pisces is impacting you 🌑 … 

Aries & Aries Rising: This New Moon will invite you to renew yourself in total privacy, and chart the terrain behind closed eyelids. Allow your REM cycle to tumble the silt of the day into bright gemstones. Certain processes can only unfurl in darkness after all. For now, your only job is to bask in these fertile skies — and germinate. 

Taurus & Taurus Rising: This New Moon, you will experience the magic of the hive-mind, as your network enfolds you in its school of angelfish. The future is most certainly decentralized, and your creativity blooms when rooted in a communal context. Play the game of telephone with your whispered dream; what returns may surprise and delight you.

Gemini & Gemini Rising: Your life path has been anything but linear, but you delight in every plot-twist and sidequest. Somehow, even the most circuitous paths lead to Rome, or the Land of Oz. But what does this look like? This New Moon will ask you to imagine a career that mesmerizes your often distracted hummingbird heart. The universe is all ears, so dream extravagantly. 

Cancer & Cancer Rising: This New Moon will have you yearning for mental sea-faring. What are the life mysteries you want to chart, or the rabbit you want to chase through the woods? The depths of our oceans are even more unexplored than space, and so it is with the soul. Just by posing your most wild hypotheses, the perfect book will fall from the shelf. Allow your bewilderment to light the way forward.

Leo & Leo Rising: As alchemy begins in the impenetrable dark of lead, trust that you will emerge from your healing with gold. This New Moon, it could help to envision this journey as one rich with mystery. As hard as it is to imagine now, there may come a time when you’re nostalgic for the intensity of this era. Entire years can slip by on autopilot — but not this one. Keep your head high. 

Virgo & Virgo Rising: This New Moon will plunge you into the mysteries of your encounter with the other. Your friends, beloveds — or even the stranger who pours their heart out to you at the bus stop — will offer their mirrors. When someone activates you, what forgotten corners of your psyche can you tend to? Whose flourishing has presented the roadmap for your own? 

Libra & Libra Rising: As you dust the cobwebs from your drafting table, this New Moon invites you to lean into the work that’s indistinguishable from a flow-state. For you, your day’s labor should be enfolding, magical, and filled with gods. Whether you call in new clients with ecstatic kitchen dances, or ring out the work day with a bell, trust the rituals that elevate your 9-5 into daily praise.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising: This New Moon asks you to surrender to your most mysterious muses. Sometimes creation is more about setting the stage than being hot on the trail. Simply by putting daffodils on your desk, or scraping the paint scales from your easel, you signal that you’re ready for inspiration to pounce. Revel in the creativity that’s emergent. This one can’t be forced.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising: This New Moon will invite you to consider the ancestral arts, songs, heirlooms, and stories that provide you with spiritual anchorage. Perhaps home is the smell of your grandma’s perfume, or a particular way of scoring bread. Hold this ancestral delta in your heart, and consider what it is you can do to keep the waters rushing. 

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising: It’s within your words, daily offerings, and meditations that your fishtail scales glisten. This New Moon, allow your life of the mind to flow through your journal, runes, tarot cards, and daily rituals. Even your daily walk can become a form of prayer, as you praise the mundane with your attention. Trace the golden thread of synchronicity that sings through your everyday life.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising: This New Moon will have you tuning your dowsing fork for new springs of wealth, or even the wells of hidden talents. You have a special knack for transforming your creativity into serious coin — while making the process as joyful as possible. To honor this week’s renewal, plunge your hands into the soil, snow, or creek water and feel the resonance of the earth’s riches in their constant flux. 

Pisces & Pisces Rising: As the star of the New Moon ball, you have permission to bask in your personal renaissance — and just “be”. Today, the veil thins between your inner and outer worlds. Whether it’s a guided body-scan, or a luxurious self-massage, bring focus deep into the body. You never know what might be stirring in its most private niches. There’s abundance there, for sure.

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libra and a capricornYour Guide to the Week of February 28th

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