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Your Guide to the Week of February 21sttarot card reading for taurus 2021

Your Guide to the Week of February 21sttarot card reading for taurus 2021

Your Guide to the Week of February 21sttarot card reading for taurus 2021

Read your Astrology Guide to the Week of February 21st: a usable and concise toolkit for the week’s upcoming astrology.

Themes 🌈 …  Warriors of wonder, ain’t no mountain high enough, fairy dust, strange magic, plot twist, a new story

What’s happening 🔮  … 

February 23rd: Mars sextiles Neptune at 11:12 am PTFebruary 24th: Venus sextiles Neptune at 8:04 am PTMercury squares Uranus at 6:22 pm PT

What you’ll need 🎒  … Humidifier, rose quartz roller, bubble wand, immersive film or novel, megaphone, thought experiments

How to make the most of this week 🎯  … This week brings the potential for intoxication, angelic guidance, and sweet support — even if the shock and awe tactics of Uranus try to derail our regular programming. As Mars sextiles Neptune, make sure the ideal you’re willing to clash swords for is aligned with your inner truth. Midweek brings a gift for the last great romantics, as Venus and Neptune pillow-talk via a sextile. Venus may still feel raw since its post-retrograde underworld metamorphosis, but the space it helped us clear can become a riverbed for an inrush of inspiration. Bask in it. As Mercury and Uranus come into square with each other, they play with lightning. Take a moment to mind-map and free-associate. Appreciate the oddities within you.  Open yourself to transmissions from the zeitgeist. 

Tarot card of the week 🃏 … The Four of Pentacles is a card of conservation, conservation, and settling into a sweet period of stability. We’ve gotten the bag, and now we hold it tightly to our chest, reveling in the hard work of securing it. This card also invites us to deep-dive our attachments to the material world — as well as our relationships. There are times in life when a holding pattern is necessary before the next wild expansion, but we don’t want to succumb to inertia. Possession will also stamp out the subtler magic of love. The more transcendent frequencies this week could help us loosen our grasp on our dragon’s treasure a little. Conversely, our lofty dreams and schemes could benefit from a sturdier Saturnian foundation. The Four of Pentacles also presides over the last decan of Capricorn, where Mars and Venus are roaming. 

Affirmation of the week 😌  … I’ve come through too much to be hindered by envy, comparison bingo, or popularity contests. I realign myself with the part of me that holds a grander vision and understands the time it takes to cultivate bounty.

What to read and listen to 📚 … Your horoscopes for the Sun in Pisces, Mars and Venus in Capricorn, and Mercury in Aquarius; your reading and guided meditation for the week; and, on Monday, an audio affirmation for pleasure.

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tarot card reading for taurus 2021Your Guide to the Week of February 21st

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